The energy of the full moon captured in a full moon singing bowl

How it all began...


Landing in Kathmandu. I'm sitting in the plane tired, waiting curiously for the beautiful view which will soon show itself. When the weather is nice you can see the mighty mountains sparkling in the clouds. Suddenly they appear in the distance. It is a fantastic view of the huge mountain range. We will land soon. My thoughts revolve around my plans for this journey - I want to meet old friends, dive into their deeply rooted traditions. A visit to the manufactory in Kathmandu valley is also on the agenda. I'd like to take a look at the smithy and exchange stories with the workers. It wasn’t possible on my last trip. The heavy earthquake destroyed the hall and adjacent buildings. But the manufactory could be rebuilt with our financial support. I wonder what it looks like now.

Towards evening, I dedicate myself to my beloved arrival ritual. Starting at the guesthouse, I go to the Boudhanath-Stupa to watch the Tibetans walking around the stupa in the evening sun. I see many older people in their impressive tibetan costume. A prayer wheel in the hand, a “Omani Padme Hum” on the lips. I believe that there are not many places outside of Tibet where you can get such a deep insight into a thousand years old tradition.

Vollmondklangschale | Energie des Vollmondes in einer Klangschale | Klangschalen für Vollmond & Neumond

A new day starts. At nine o'clock the owner of the manufactory, Ram Santa, picks me up. We don’t take the car, but his small motorbike. I sit on a way to small (for my height) back seat without a helmet and cling to the carrier. Feeling comfortable is something else. Even after years, the traffic rules in Kathmandu are a mystery to me. Loud honking. Oncoming traffic. It’s always a challenging adventure - especially with a motorbike.

I'm happy we leave the busy Ringroad and turn into a more rural area. It’s getting calmer. The potholes diminish and my convulsive clinging to the carrier slackens. Then we’re finally there! Ram Santa calls the manufactory “his” factory, it’s his pride and joy. At the edge of the property are small buildings with the traditional altar in the middle - an integral part of nepalese life, and also of everyday work.

A loud hammering sound can be heard now. Four men swing their heavy sledgehammers in a rapid rhythm - knock knock knock knock - again and again. Followed by a little break. The original metal plate is annealed in the open oven and will be reworked with the hammers. Knock, knock, knock - the sounds of the hammers can be heard again in rhythm. It takes time until the shape of a singing bowl is made out of a lump of metal.

In an old wooden shelf is the half-finished work from the night before. It was a full moon night. I look at the singing bowls and remember how the idea for our Vollmondklangschale® (full moon singing bowl) was born. It's been many years. In the evening, I sat on the roof garden of the guesthouse and admired the wonderful bright full moon over Kathmandu - in this night it seemed even bigger and brighter to me than ever before. That's where the idea came from. We create full moon singing bowls when there’s full moon. A singing bowl that captures exactly this wonderful energy of the full moon!

I couldn’t wait to tell Ram Santa about my idea. I will never forget his astonished face and the - in his opinion -  probably crazy idea. Meanwhile, he is convinced of the power of the Vollmondklangschale® full moon singing bowl and is using its special effect in his own classes as a healer.

My customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were immediately impressed by the energy-rich bowls with their fine sounds.


Insiders say that when the power of the moon can move the oceans, the sound of a singing bowl changes when it is made in a night with full moon. A few new moon and solstice bowls followed later on for enthusiasts. 

I take a singing bowl from the shelves and play it. The still raw bowl sounds very impressive already. The fine, varied sounds are in contrast to the loud traffic noise. After polishing and engraving the actual date, the bowls are finally ready for their journey to Germany. I’m already looking forward to receive them.

I'm very satisfied with the new manufactory and the working conditions. Once again I'm fascinated by - with how simple means our wonderful full moon singing bowls are handcrafted. After a lot of great conversations and a warm tea I drive back relaxed to the guesthouse - this time not with the motorbike - but with a taxi..

Vollmondklangschale | Energie des Vollmondes in einer Klangschale | Klangschalen für Vollmond & Neumond

Twilight, the night starts, the full moon is working it’s magic by shining down and creating a special mood in the mountains of the Himalayas. More and more people from around the world are fascinated by Nepal every year, with its culture and nature. Anyone who was once able to feel this special atmosphere knows why the full moon singing bowls are unique among singing bowls. They are only produced in small numbers in the night of a full moon and have a special intensity in sound. In countries such as Nepal and Tibet, the full moon represents the fullness of life. It is said that the fascinating sound of the Vollmondklangschale® (full moon singing bowl) brings the soul into accordance and harmony.

Much is known about the power of the full moon. It also symbolizes abundance, accomplished growth and the realization of our dreams and visions. Everything is in motion. The earth satellite rises bright, mysterious and in it’s full beauty in the middle of a lunar cycle. In this constellation, the Sun and the Moon are positioned directly opposite each other and our Earth is just between these two powerful planets.

The blending of these energies are captured in our very special Vollmondklangschale® (full moon singing bowl). They are exclusively produced for us in full moon nights in traditional craftmanship. The production date and the constellation of the moon are engraved on the beautiful shining exterior of the bowl. The production in a small manufactory in Kathmandu valley limits the number of pieces.


The pure energy of the full moon also reflects in the sound, which fills the room with long-lasting vibrations in the silence and softly mutes again.

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If you are looking for something special, feel free to ask us. You will also find individual bowls made on specific dates (also from the past).



Our Vollmondklangschalen® (full moon singing bowls) are produced exclusively for us in limited numbers during full moon nights in Nepal. The pure energy of the full moon vibrates in them with full sound. Engraved with the date of production and in a bright and glossy look, they are also a beautiful eye-catcher.

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